Friday, October 30, 2009


Partly cloudy with a high of 76. Not a bad day. Of course, that can change in the next 5 minutes. As a matter of fact when I looked this morning they painted a somewhat different picture. The sun was covered up by clouds with showers and they gave it a 30% chance. So the forecast changed in just a few hours. The bottom line is will be what it will be. Prophetic, I know.

So, who's anxious? This is me raising my hand. I am. I'm the kind of anxious I was as a kid driving up to the ball field before a game. Only worse and/or more. Butterflies. But I also know this about those butterflies, as soon as I hit the field and it was "game on"....the butterflies flew away. I'm confident that will happen a week from tomorrow as well!

I'm looking forward to one last weekend of strong training. We've got a three hour ride Saturday and a long run Sunday. I'm really trying to focus on being relaxed. I concentrated on that Friday during my swim workout. I'll focus on that during the ride tomorrow and the run Sunday because that is what I want to do come race day....race relaxed. If I'm able to race relaxed I believe everything else will take care of itself.

I remember thinking that a lot during IM Wisconsin, especially during the run. I also remember by doing that as best I could it helped me "think" my way around the course. By that I mean I tried to focus on my form or my cadence and certainly my nutrition (which, obviously, is critical!). Don't get me wrong it still hurt, a lot. But it kept me from concentrating on that constantly.

I realize I'm not saying anything everyone doesn't already know. I'm more just saying (or typing) it out loud to remind myself of it and talk (or type) my way through the days leading up to November 7th...because I'm a little anxious....

....are you?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Party for the 'All In' group scheduled for October 24th. Details coming very soon. T-shirts will be coming very soon also!