Upcoming Group Workouts

Saturday 2/19/2011

Per Chris Irons:

Riding from the Promenade in Chenal at 8 AM this Saturday. Meet in the parking lot behind DSW shoes.  There are shorter ride options if you want to meet us at the 4 way intersection of Ferndale and Kanis, on wheels at 8:20 as we pass by.  This ride will have several regroup spots to be sure no one gets lost. Route link is below as well as all ride options and turn by turn directions.

Option 1 - 28 Miles - 8 AM

Meet at Mall, loop around Colonel Glenn back to Mall.

Option 2 - 13 Miles - 8:20 AM

Meet us at the 4 Way on Ferndale at mile 7.5. Just do the Colonel Glenn Loop back to the 4 Way.

Option 3 - 39 Miles - 8:20 AM

Meet us at the 4 way on Ferndale at mile 7.5 Do the colonel Glenn Loop then out to Paron and back to the 4 Way.

Option 4 - 55 Miles - 8:00 AM

Meet us at the Mall. Do Colonel Glen loop, out to Paron and back to Mall.

View the route here

Turn-by-turn directions:

Meet at the Promenade in Chenal, behind DSW shoes at 8 AM.

Ride through the Chenal neighborhoods, left on Gordon
Right on Denny
Left on Ferndale
Left on Kanis - 4 Way stop, optional meeting place.
Right on Burlingame
Right on Ferncrest
Right on Colonel Glen - Regroup before taking right on Colonel Glen.
Right on Congo Ferndale
Left On Kanis at the 4 Way. Regroup before taking left on Kanis
Turn around at Paron back to 4 way. Regroup at Paron turn around spot.
Left on Ferndale at 4 way.
Right on Denny
Left on Gordon and back to Mall.

Thursday, 2/17/2011

Per Gary Taylor:

6pm Scott Field - Track Workout

-Warm up
-10 (or 8) x 800s run at Tempo with a lap jog recovery.

With just 2.5 weeks to go before the marathon it's a great time for "Yasso 800s".  What's a Yasso?  Check it out: Yasso 800s

Saturday, 2/5/2011

11 mile (running) loop starting from Roger's house at 10:30. Yes, 10:30 is late but it will give the snow and ice time to melt off the roads. If you need directions call or email Roger, Kevin, or Scott. If anyone wants to join me for another 11 miles of running after the first 11, I'd love the company; Little Rock Marathon is coming soon.

Saturday, 1/29/2011

40 mile loop (riding) starting at the church building at the Kanis/Congo intersection at 7AM. The loop will be down Congo to Steelbridge to 298 to Kanis (or that in reverse). We'll probably average close to 19MPH with some stints of hammering that Roger will incite by his aggressive riding style.

Click the link to see the route