Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ride The Course

Kicking around the idea of going to Arkadelphia Saturday July 10 early, early to ride the TriArkansas course and run a portion, if not all, of the run course. Any takers?

You may or may not be planning to do this race. Regardless, it would be a good, tough, leg-busting, lung-popping workout. What's not to like about that?

Click the link to view the course map, which does not do it justice, BTW.


Thinking about meeting in that parking lot and rolling at 6a. The time is certainly negotiable.

What say you?

Monday, June 28, 2010

TT Update

Steve Shepherd told me when I was signing up for the Arkansas State Time Trial event Saturday at Chainwheel that if I didn't throw up over my aerobars while crossing the finish line I didn't go hard enough! Well, I didn't throw up...but I was hurtin'!

Now I certainly had no grand illusions of winning this thing by any stretch. I just wanted to race in a stand alone time trial event to see what would happen. As I look back now I can say it was fun and I surprised myself a little.

It was a 40k but by my Polar watch the course was more than that (watch may be off a smidgen, but when it is it's usually on the short side). I thought the wind was a little in my face until I made the turn-around and headed back in...It was truly a sturdy headwind at that point. That was a mental kick in the pants!

Racers went off at :30 second intervals. I got passed about 5-minutes into my ride. Dang! In all I got passed by 5 people and I passed 3.

I have no idea where I finished because as of this post the results weren't out and I couldn't stay at the race site....had to get to church but I will tell you that I will be well down the list! But my trusty Polar watch had me at 1:08:21 for a 22.4 mph average with an average cadence of 105. I gotta say I was a little surprised. It's the fastest I've ever covered that distance.

Now if I could just do that and then get off and run with any efficiency I might actually be somebody!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

TT Update Post

If you're interested in the Time Trial event and haven't registered yet you can do so up to 5pm Saturday 6/26 at Chainwheel. I don't believe you can register on-line any longer.

Also you have to have a USAC license to participate. Like USAT, you can purchase a one-day license if you don't want to spend the $60 for an annual membership. I believe the one-day license is $10 and can be purchased at Chainwheel while you register.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time Trial Event

Thought some of you might be interested in this. It's the Arkansas Time Trial Championships. June 27th. Click on the link.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Congrats to Bird, Heather and Shannon for their performances at the Route 66 Oly in El Reno, Oklahoma!

All three finished top 5 in their age groups and qualified for the USAT Age Group Nationals to be held at the end of September in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Bird came in at 2:30:14 and finished 5th in his group.

Heather crossed the line in 2:48:45 for a second place finish and Shannon finished 4th at 2:58:28.

Great job you three!