Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage T

OK, this sweet graphic design by Chris White and a T-shirt = Vintage T! A pair of jeans and this vintage T?....look out! An opportunity to own one is coming soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Club!

We are all excited about the possibilities for All In Multisport and its members for this season and beyond! We are a new group of dedicated athletes who like to train, race and socialize together, as well as learn about the sport of triathlon.

We are a group of athletes who bring many things to the table with varying degrees of ability and experiences. We have triathlon first-timers and long time veterans with incredible abilities. We also have an amazing amount of resources from which to pull, and the list of those resources is growing.

We are all on the ground floor of building this new club. We are not yet what we're going to become, although we're off to a great start. What can we look forward to? Many things, including training and racing together, triathlon educational opportunities, instruction from experienced veterans including USAT certified coaches, social gatherings where we can swap stories about our races, tri camps and events to support our triathlon community among other things.

What are the benefits of becoming a club member? In addition to the many things listed above, club membership will also include discounts at local retailers, discounts on endurance nutritional items and a free tech shirt to run in or just wear around town. Now, who doesn't like the words 'free' and 'shirt' in the same sentence?

All In Multisport is officially recognized by USA Triathlon as a registered triathlon club. With that designation comes a certain amount of benefits as well and it gives our club the opportunity to compete on a national level for club championships.

Within the past couple of years Triathlete magazine listed Central Arkansas as one of the best kept secrets in the country as a place to train for triathlons. We say, "welcome to the party" because we've known that for quite some time. It's also a rather large multisport community and we all seem to know each other in one way or another, it's just a matter of pulling a Kevin Bacon and figuring out by how many degrees of separation. Usually it's not many.

There will be much more to come in the near future so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want to become a part of All In Multisport just click the 'Join The Team' page at the top and follow the process. You can also email us through the 'Contact Us' page.

We are currently in the process of ordering both cycling and tri top jerseys. We are going to place our first order relatively soon. If you want to order and need to find out what size you wear we currently have fit kits at Go! Running ( ) in the Heights. Go by there anytime to try these jerseys for size. These fit kit jerseys need to be returned to the manufacturer by February 26th. We'll place our first order soon after.

We look forward to you becoming a member of All in Multisport. Until then, Happy Training!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Floyd Uncut

We all know the story of Floyd Landis. One day in July of 2006 Floyd bonked on a climbing day in the TdF and found himself on the wrong side of 8-minutes for the yellow jersey. The next day, yes, the VERY next day, Landis had maybe the single greatest riding day in the history of the Tour, capturing back that 8-minutues (and then some) to regain the yellow jersey going on to win the Tour de France.

Almost as quickly as he won the jersey questions surfaced, "how did he do that?". The questions persisted. Reporters were relentless. He tested positive for doping. He did what most people do when they test positive...deny, deny, deny. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to prove he wasn't lying. But he was lying. He eventually admitted it. He was stripped of his title.

The link is a revealing interview with Landis.

I will warn you, it's similar to War & Peace/Moby Dick in length, so you may have to digest it in bite size chunks. It's word-for-word of a 7 hour interview.