Thursday, February 3, 2011

Floyd Uncut

We all know the story of Floyd Landis. One day in July of 2006 Floyd bonked on a climbing day in the TdF and found himself on the wrong side of 8-minutes for the yellow jersey. The next day, yes, the VERY next day, Landis had maybe the single greatest riding day in the history of the Tour, capturing back that 8-minutues (and then some) to regain the yellow jersey going on to win the Tour de France.

Almost as quickly as he won the jersey questions surfaced, "how did he do that?". The questions persisted. Reporters were relentless. He tested positive for doping. He did what most people do when they test positive...deny, deny, deny. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to prove he wasn't lying. But he was lying. He eventually admitted it. He was stripped of his title.

The link is a revealing interview with Landis.

I will warn you, it's similar to War & Peace/Moby Dick in length, so you may have to digest it in bite size chunks. It's word-for-word of a 7 hour interview.

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