Monday, January 31, 2011

Beware of Mr. Carlyle!

I read this today in the Letters to the Editor section of the Demozette. It made me chuckle so I thought I'd share:

Relocate the Cyclists

A quiet, meditative walk across and around the Big Dam Bridge would be a very pleasant experience if it wasn't for those infernal cyclists who seem to think that they have a greater claim to the pathways than pedestrians.

They are not only a nuisance, with their Spandex pants, body armor and racing helmets, but an acute embarrassment. Just who do they think they are? Pedaling around the banks of the Arkansas River at 15 mph in that ridiculous uniform does not qualify them for the Tour de France.

In the name of humanity, find these clowns another site and, please, as far away from those who enjoy the simple pleasure of walking. There they can indulge their foolish fantasies to their heart's content.

-William G. Carlyle
North Little Rock

So take that you Spandex sporting, body armor boding, acutely embarrassing, Tour de France wannabes...get off the road!

He sure would have carried more credibility had he mentioned Kona. Tour de France?....PPFffff....sheesh, please!

And, hey, don't EVEN get him started on the dog poop issue!


  1. While I don't agree with his request to ban cyclists from the RT, I can certainly see where his and many others complains come from.

    When I've used the RT for cycling or running there have been MANY times where I've almost been forced off the path by pelotons coming from the other direction that are using up more than their fair share of the path and riding at reckless speeds.

    That being said I also witnessed the same path hogging usage and behavior from groups of pedestrians as well.

    And don't even get me started ranting about those telescoping dog leashes spanning the path that act as tripwires and deathtraps for roller bladders and cyclists.

    Perhaps more prominent signage on acceptable behavior for all is the answer?

  2. Brick,
    agree with your rant and Bryan you have some great points.

    The only acutely embarrassing thing I have witnessed has been when Roger is with us but with time I'm sure I will adjust.

    I think signage is the answer. Bike on one side walkers on the other. Bikers due to size would have a little bigger area of the road. Having the bike and walker man painted on the road would also help.

  3. Hey Matt, no rant by me...I actually thought it was funny. As I was reading it I pictured that old SNL skit "Grumpy old man", "...and that's the way it was a we LIKED it!, we LOVED it"..

    No reason to think we can't coexist, right?

    Bryan, I agree, some simple common sense is in order for everyone. Something tells me Mr. Carlyle might have been walking in the very middle of the bridge and it was tough for a cyclist to get around, maybe startled him or someting. And you're so right about those dog leashes....I never know when one of those dogs is going to dart out!

    If I'm riding on the LR side of the trail, I never use the path, I always ride on the road...kinda hard to help it on the NLR side, though.

  4. Body armor?!? Have I been out that long?

  5. Brick mis-spoke. Instead of Body Armor he meant Body Glide. Hopefully that was not easily spotted.

    Interesting points and we can co-exist but it was very offensive when the author suggested we ride at 15 mph. Please tell me we hit that before we're clipped in!

  6. I'm pretty sure the toddler on the pink bike with training wheels hits 15mph

  7. I agree that some good signage that lists the "rules of the trail" would be great on both sides of the bridge. Leashes, appropriate speeds and staying to the sides would all be covered. This will help limit the interference from disparate groups.

    Sadly, one thing not mentioned so far is how the cycling community got the River Trail and the BDB built. Without the cyclists, Mr. Carlyle will still be walking on the cracked sidewalks and streets in his neighborhood.