Sunday, January 23, 2011


OK, I know the 2011 season hasn't even gotten started yet, so is it presumptuous to think about events in 2012? Probably, but I'm layin' it out there anyway. This is the Texas Independence Relay. 203 miles over two days. 40+ segments ranging from 1.15 to 8.8 miles. Teams consist of 8 - 12 runners. It starts on a Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon.

This year's event is March 5 - 6. A little too soon to get this thing together. But a year from this March would leave us plenty of time to get one...maybe two AIM teams down there!

Think about it...


  1. Have some friends who did Hood to Coast and others did the Bourbon Chase with both being right at 200 miles. Have heard they are a blast. I'm in.

  2. looks pretty neat...I will volunteer to be the driver of the van!