Monday, June 28, 2010

TT Update

Steve Shepherd told me when I was signing up for the Arkansas State Time Trial event Saturday at Chainwheel that if I didn't throw up over my aerobars while crossing the finish line I didn't go hard enough! Well, I didn't throw up...but I was hurtin'!

Now I certainly had no grand illusions of winning this thing by any stretch. I just wanted to race in a stand alone time trial event to see what would happen. As I look back now I can say it was fun and I surprised myself a little.

It was a 40k but by my Polar watch the course was more than that (watch may be off a smidgen, but when it is it's usually on the short side). I thought the wind was a little in my face until I made the turn-around and headed back in...It was truly a sturdy headwind at that point. That was a mental kick in the pants!

Racers went off at :30 second intervals. I got passed about 5-minutes into my ride. Dang! In all I got passed by 5 people and I passed 3.

I have no idea where I finished because as of this post the results weren't out and I couldn't stay at the race site....had to get to church but I will tell you that I will be well down the list! But my trusty Polar watch had me at 1:08:21 for a 22.4 mph average with an average cadence of 105. I gotta say I was a little surprised. It's the fastest I've ever covered that distance.

Now if I could just do that and then get off and run with any efficiency I might actually be somebody!

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  1. Solid showing! Sounds like a lot of fun mixed with a good dose of pain. I'll have to put that on my list of races to consider next year.