Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Ride

Dean, Doug and I did the Wye Mountain loop this morning followed by a 2 mile transition run. It was a good ride and the hills were....well...the Wye Mountain hills. 45 or so miles total.
The wind was a little tough especially on the highway 10 eastbound portion. It almost seems unfair to grind up hill into a 20 mph wind with 30 mph gusts. We survived though.


  1. Sorry I had to miss the ride. Are we still on for the 9th?

  2. Jordan and I (along with about 40-50 others) are doing Arkanthaw olympic Sat 5-1. They are letting me sign up in the morning at the race. I think cost is 75 and all proceeds go to rice depot or something like that. It is a wetsuit swim and very hilly bike and run course. i think the swim is hilly as well. come and join us. sign up is at 6a at lake norrell and the race starts at 7:30.