Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Ahead

I apologize up front because we obviously have have an 'A' race staring us right in the face in about, oh, 10-weeks or so. That said, thought I'd throw this out there as an option for next year.

Branson 70.3 is new to the event list in 2010. It's pretty close and should be pretty challenging with a 56-miler on the rollers in the Ozarks.

Just food for thought.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled IMFL '09 training program!


  1. your assuming that my bike wont be in the bottom of the ocean by the team the IM is over!!

    If its not, Branson should be "fun"?

  2. I was thinking the same thing! I was hoping for St. Croix, but it's too "early season" for mommy and new baby to go and enjoy. September is more reasonable and Branson is reasonably "fun". What we loose in all our flat rides this season will be made up for in all the hill rides we'll need to do next season. As Troy alluded to, this assumes that I don't curse the tri after IMFL and join "top ten (or bust)" in pursuit of duathlon greatness next season, or Chris Farley in pursuit of high body fat and early death.

  3. Kevin, hilarious. Although early death for Chris Farley was more involved than just "fat man in a little coat" syndrome...sniff, sniff...if you know what I mean.

    Oh, one more thing, you looked pretty good climbing Wye Mtn. last weekend, btw, so the Ozarks should be no sweat.