Friday, May 8, 2009

Party Reinstated

We'll miss the Philbrick's but Kasie and I would be happy to host this at our house. We’ll do another one of these later so the Philbricks can get in on the action. If it's raining, things may get a bit crowded as our house isn't huge, but hopefully the rain will hold off. We’ll provide the meat (plus bread/buns, plates, forks, napkins, and ice). The meat will probably just be grilled chicken and hotdogs but we may be able to round up some pulled pork and chopped beef too (don’t hold your breath). If you don’t like those options, feel free to bring your own and cook it up on our grill. Also, if you guys want something besides meat, (i.e. soft drinks, not-so-soft drinks, side dishes, desserts) then we’ll need some volunteers to bring enough to share. Please leave a comment letting us know if you’re coming and what (if anything) you’re bringing. I think it’s understood, but bring your whole family and/or your significant others. We’ll try to have food cooking by 5:30 and you can stay as long as you want. My house is in Bryant, but I prefer not to post directions to my house online, so if you don’t know how to get here, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email (Gmail… it’s still on theTri-Carve list). If you don’t know the contact info, you can get in touch with Trey, Shannon, Heather, Scott, or Troy as I’m sure all of them have my contact info.


  1. Sounds great. I can bring some dessert. Heather

  2. I will touch base with you guys tomorrow and let you know.