Monday, May 18, 2009

Post MiM

Congratulations to all those who participated in Sunday's Memphis in May Oly! In all there were 24 triathletes from the central Arkansas area that competed. Of those 5 are doing IMFL this fall: Ernie, Bird, TBras, Trey and Brick. Gary Taylor, who's also signed up for IMFL, didn't race Sunday but was at the event in charge and in full support of all the racers. The CARVE group had quite a spread going. They rented a house on wheels and cordoned off an area to set up a base of operations.

Race conditions were mixed. The wind was high making for a challenging bike leg. Probably the toughest of the three years I've raced in Memphis. I think overall bike times were down as a whole. At a few points the wind gusts moved me on the road.

I didn't really notice the wind on the run but I did appreciate the cooler temperatures. I also appreciated the partial cloud cover.

Below are the results of the IMFL 5 (not to be confused the the LR 9):

18 86 Ernie Lechuga 33 55 27:57 1:30 5 58:08 24.3 1:36 18 41:40 6:43 2:10:49 Llittle Rock AR

39 224 Kevin Birdwell 31 49 26:38 2:23 40 1:09:29 20.3 2:13 31 44:17 7:08 2:24:57 Bryant AR

43 316 Troy Braswell 30 29 23:35 3:08 47 1:11:34 19.7 1:57 55 52:54 8:31 2:33:05 Little Rock AR

43 338 Scott Philbrick 45 61 29:29 2:08 32 1:08:44 20.5 2:17 54 52:09 8:24 2:34:46 Little Rock AR

101 563 Trey Chandler 40 65 27:44 2:47 96 1:17:24 18.2 4:21 110 1:01:07 9:51 2:53:20 Maumelle AR

As a reference the numbers after the name are:

age, swpl, swtime, T1, bkpl, bktime, avgmph, T2, rnpl, runtime, runpace, totaltime.

Congrats to Ernie for a great race! 2:10:49 is excellent and averaging more than 24mph on the bike. Wow!

Also congrats to Bird for setting a PR! 2:24:57. A 7:08 pace on the run is picking 'em up and layin' 'em down. Great job!

TBras, aka the human torpedo, swam a 23:35! That's fantastic especially considering it's his first open water swim in about 2-years. He was also averaging in the 8:15 pace-range until you-know-what reared it's ugly head.

Trey said he had a difficult swim but still managed a 27:44 (that's a great swim for me!).

Despite the windy conditions I still managed 20.5 average on the bike and I felt good about my run at an 8:24 pace. My goal was a sub-50 but ended up being 52:09.

All in all it was a good day and for the majority of us a great way to kick off the season.

IMFL '09 training officially starts next week!


  1. Thanks for the post. I had a great time and was thrilled about my race. Hopefull my sh(IT) band will calm down. I cant believe my good knee acted that way. AAAAAHHHHHH.

    BTW, I just printed out the IMFL training schedule (gulp)

  2. Did anyone use their bike computer during the race? If so, was the bike course shorter than 40K (24.85 miles)? I'm wondering, because if 1:09:29 is 20.3 MPH, than the course was only 23.5 miles (1.3 miles short of a true 40K). Just wondering... 21.5 MPH just sounds better than 20.3 MPH ;-)

  3. Unfortunately I didn't measure it, but I'm with you. Something seems strange.