Sunday, July 19, 2009

In the Rearview Mirror

One-third is complete.

Two-thirds to go.

8-weeks are in the books as far as Ironman Florida 2009 training is concerned. 16-weeks remain, starting Monday.

Are you where you want to be?

Have you accomplished what you've set out to accomplish to this point?

Is your base stronger? Is your engine bigger? Are you getting mentally tougher?

During the course of normal life I'm sure you've missed a workout or two. I have. It's nearly impossible to not. Having said that, I encourage you with two things regarding those missed workouts, 1) let 'em go. You're not getting them back and if you try to make them up, well, you might just find yourself getting further behind or increasing your volume too much too fast which is no good in the end. And 2) try not to miss those workouts. In other words make sure those feet hit the floor when the alarm goes off. Get out from under those comfortable, snugly, warm blankets. The payoff comes when you're running down the finishers shoot, you look at your watch and realize...."I'm going to PR!".

The build phase starts Monday.

16-weeks to go.

Panama City Beach awaits.

Are you 'All In'?


  1. Nice post man. I am excited to have one stage of the training behind us. I have a rejuvinated determination for the upcoming weeks.

    You did such a good job of describing my feelings early in the even made me want to go back to bed.

    Congrats to all! Keep kickin butt!

    P.S. Trey, you actually have to do the workouts this training period!!

  2. I am trying to sneak up on it.