Friday, July 24, 2009

July 25th Long Ride

Troy and I discussed doing the Cato loop plus some to get in our 4 hour ride. I flushed out Troy's idea and came up with the following course ( For those of you who are not map people, it is basically adding the Round Mountain part of the BDB ride (almost to Conway then a loop that swings out to the west and back into Mayflower) onto the front of the Cato loop. It’s 75 miles but has some significant climbs, so it may take more than 4 hours. Because of that, I’m up for other suggestions if anyone’s got them. If not, let’s plan on meeting at Cooks at 6AM (rolling by 6:15) in the morning. The layout of this course could be non-ironman friend-friendly since one could choose to turn around as we make our turn near Conway (for a total of 43 miles mostly flat ) or they could bail when we get back to Hwy 365 (for a total of 52 miles with a couple of moderate climbs). In any case, I’m planning on making this an aerobic ride keeping the BPMs around 130 except while climbing (i.e. very little hammering). Who’s in?


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  1. Sounds like a great ride. I'm out, and so is Trey, 'cause we're at the lake. Have a great ride and I'll definitely hook up on the next one!